Privacy Policy
The undertakes to always seek to protect the CLIENT on the SITE, within its limitations, ensuring the following PRIVACY AND SECURITY POLICY:

1., in order to preserve private information, hereby, through this term of its entire responsibility and in accordance with the legislation in force in the country, exposes that any and all private information will be kept that way, since the honesty and privacy of the WEBSITE remain the basic principle of the service. trusts in the CUSTOMERS' good faith to provide its services on the SITE.

2. The REGISTRATION, ACCOUNT and CUSTOMER PROFILE are personal, exclusive and non-transferable, and the CUSTOMER cannot authorize third parties, for any reason, to use their password. The access password to the CLIENT'S WEBSITE is personal, confidential, exclusive, non-transferable and encrypted by, which guarantees its total secrecy. Only the CLIENT and must have access to this password.
2.1. Only by means of the personal password, the CLIENT will be able to change their personal data.
2.2. requests the CLIENT to use a sequence of numbers and/or letters that are not easily identifiable, also recommending that the CLIENT change its password every 03 (three) months.
2.3. The CLIENT undertakes to notify of any problem it may have had with its password or if it notices any misuse of its ACCOUNT.
2.4. The CLIENT is fully responsible for all activities that occur under its ACCOUNT on the SITE.
3. It is understood by information and/or private data that which does not allow to appear in the CLIENT'S PROFILE and which is not available for access by OTHER CLIENTS, such as name, email, telephone, address, among other details.
3.1. undertakes, as far as it can, to always offer the highest and most adequate technology available, as well as the best encryption systems, to ensure the security and protection of the CLIENT's private information and/or data against the access by unauthorized persons or any inappropriate use.
3.2. As for the CUSTOMER's private information and/or data:
A) They will be kept by in total and absolute secrecy, and confidentially, except in cases of force majeure, by judicial determinations or by the appropriate authorities that recognizes as valid.
(i) If the CLIENT forgets its password, it will only be sent to the Client if the email address registered on the SITE is the same email address used by the CLIENT when requesting the forgotten password. If the CLIENT does not know their nickname on the SITE, in addition to their login (registered email), they will have to provide their personal data (to be requested by the administration) so that the information with the registered on the WEBSITE for the eventual submission of the CUSTOMER's nickname, login and password.
B) The use of information and/or private data is only controlled by the internal database of for the best functioning of the SITE.
C) The data provided that are strictly confidential, such as the CLIENT's credit card number, are not stored on a server directly connected to the Internet. Any commercial transaction for the purpose of payment and billing is encrypted before data transmission is carried out between and the bank, financial operator, credit card company and/or the company that will approve the data provided.

4. As for the information and/or data that considers as non-private, at its sole discretion, may be displayed on the WEBSITE and in the CUSTOMER PROFILE, for viewing by OTHER CUSTOMERS.

5. reserves the right, at any time:
5.1. Share the information and/or data you deem valid and/or relevant with third parties, including potential partners and/or advertisers, always respecting CLAUSE 3 of this PRIVACY AND SECURITY POLICY.
5.2. Exclude, inactivate and/or remove from the SITE any CLIENT who does not comply with any clause, term and/or condition of the USE AGREEMENT, or who is considered by as having acted contrary to the principles of morals and Christian customs that searches for the SITE environment.
5.3. Edit or change the content and/or content of any PROFILE, REGISTRATION or CUSTOMER ACCOUNT if you find a registration error and/or consider that the CUSTOMER's use contravenes any clause, term and/or condition of the USE AGREEMENT.
5.4. Copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use all CLIENT information and/or data, as well as images, sounds, text and other things incorporated therein for any and all commercial and/or non-commercial purposes, always respecting the CLAUSE 3 of this PRIVACY AND SECURITY POLICY.

6. The CUSTOMER acknowledges that, to ensure its own privacy and security:
6.1. cannot assume any responsibility for the content of messages exchanged between the CLIENT and OTHER CLIENTS, as well as the filling in of any information on the SITE by the CLIENT. If there is any problem and/or conflict between the CUSTOMER and ANOTHER CUSTOMER outside the SITE, the CUSTOMER and the OTHER CUSTOMER hereby fully exempt from any responsibility.
6.2. The CLIENT will honor all clauses, terms and conditions of CLAUSE THREE of the USE AGREEMENT, which deals with its own responsibilities and obligations in the use of the SITE.
6.3. After completing your REGISTRATION on the WEBSITE, the completed data and all future data added by the CLIENT on the WEBSITE, are provided for free only for the use of the services proposed by, being kept in its database.

7. The CLIENT may unsubscribe from receiving emails (opt-out) through the link at the bottom of promotional messages on the website, or by accessing their account settings on the WEBSITE, for transactional messages.

8.1. At any time, the Associate who so wishes, may delete his profile from the Site through the "Settings" area.
8.2. The Associate who deletes his/her profile will be able to join again by creating a new profile.
8.3. The Company may unilaterally delete any profile based on misuse of the Application or reported by other users.

9. counts on the respect, credibility and goodwill of the CLIENT, hoping that the SITE can help the CLIENT to achieve its goals.